Meet the KGM Team

'Kaiser' George Miller

George is the mastermind behind the making of the marionettes. These are all sculpted and made from scratch, even the guitars, by George's deft hand from his home in Glasgow. No detail is left unturned when it comes to the marionettes, you could call it a labour of love with strings attached!

Ursula Cleary

The String Stars wouldn't be anything without their snazzy threads, this is where Ursula's tailoring skills come to the fore. All the outfits are bespoke - authentic fabrics are sourced and details are meticulously stitched, making these stars dressed to impress!

Chris Taylor

Based in Bradford, Chris creates all the necessary illustration and design work to bring the KGM 'brand' to life. From box art, star illustrations and promo posters, Chris is in his element working with such fine subject material, to quote: 'if George's marionettes are a perfectly made trifle with just the right amount of sherry, then my role is to add just a few extra sprinkles on top.' Indeed!

'Kaiser' Johnny Maben

Not only a skilled sticks man keeping the beat for The Kaisers, Johnny runs his own print works. With a keen eye for detail and an expert knowledge of the print process. Johnny is overseeing everything that gets inked - along with the posting and packing side of things. He does all this without missing a beat!

Thank you for your support of the KGM project over the many months. We're proud to let these STRING STARS make your hearts zing like they have ours.

Yours stringcerely,

KGM Marionettes